About us

About us

Main Gate to Houtboschbaai with keypad on the right hand side

Motorized Main gate opens to the left

Keys to the Unit is in the draw box

The code of the draw box will be provided once the payment is finalized


Houtboschbaai 20  is rated a 3 Star by the Tourism Grading Council that offers highly acclaimed  Self Catering Accommodation. It is also called  “The Honeymoon suite” which occupies 2 persons

We are located in Aston Bay a safe suburb of Jeffreys Bay.

You can still enjoy the freedom and walk for kilometers along the pristine beaches.

You will find shells on the beach, might see dolphins in the surf or whales during whale season or a seal basking in the sun.

Jeffreys Bay is the ideal Holiday Destination for a couple traveling.

You can explore, participate, and enjoy various attractions and activities along the Sunshine Coast.  These Activities include: Beach Horse Trails, Learn to Surf, Zip-lines, Sand boarding, Tubing, Sea Kayaking, Deep Sea Fishing, Boat Trips, Township Tours, and more.

Jeffreys Bay has the world’s  Best Right-Hand Waves for surfing!

Jeffreys Bay hosts the annual  Pro ASP World Tour surfing event at Super Tubes during July.

Jeffreys Bay Self Catering Honeymoon suite is located in Houtboschbaai, a private nature reserve.

You will have magnificent Sea Views.

A 3-minute walk from one of the most pristine beaches.

Our accommodation is well equipped.

Pack your bag and enjoy a relaxing time.